Studentenjob, Bachelor-/ Masterarbeit | nanocosmos | Video Streaming – Students & graduates: software engineers (Javascript / Node.JS) for API, frontend and backend development

Please note:
– The job posting is listed in German as well and can be found on Connecticum and on our blog,
– permanent / temporary / fulltime or part-time / 20-40h / intern / contract
– Here we first list an outline of our current research & development project, followed by a detailed job description
nanocosmos is hiring students & graduates!

Interested in Live Streaming? Work in a highly skilled amd creative team in Berlin!

We offer nanoStream Cloud, a B2B live streaming platform for interactive use cases in real-time communication. We work hard, but with passion and fun around new products and video communication! Our clients are license based B2B clients all over the world. They integrate live video streaming into their web applications e.g. companies, universities, event producers, auction and gaming platforms. One focus is to make the integration as easy as possible for our clients.

Our current research and development project is called “Hybrid Events”. Together with cooperating companies and research institutes, the goal is to develop new technologies and application’s set-ups for virtual as well as hybrid, web based communication and collaboration.

For that we are looking for ambitious software engineers (Javascript / Node.JS) for API, frontend and backend development.

We are accepting applications from teams who want to work together on this project. The project can be credited as project work, thesis work, or even as an internship.

Project Outline

Several projects can be realized:

Develop a platform for video-based virtual and hybrid meetings
Integration into live streaming set-ups to distribute to large audiences
Implement various scenarios of application e.g. informal meetings, panel discussion, e-learning, town hall meetings, concerts, shows, moderator functions, virtual stage
Creative design: system, application as well as UI
Integration of interactive elements like chat, likes, voting
API integration of various different functions, activation via tokens (JWT)
Usage of possible basis platforms e.g. Jitsi, Chatmosphere,, nanoStream Cloud, nanoMeet …)
Evaluation of innovative approaches for hybrid meetings e.g. Chatmosphere,, work.adventure)
Identification of application scenarios for virtual and hybrid meetings
Development of innovative scenarios to utilize virtual and hybrid meetings
Development of tools for event-management (agenda, attendees, … )
Add external speakers to running live streaming presentations

Optimized UI
Web-based Development (WebRTC / HTML5 / Javascript)
Node-JS-Backend (or other)
Integration of Meeting and live streaming concepts
Possible usage for large groups
Optional usage of production tolls for video mixing like OBS, NDI
Possible Areas of Application

Virtual and hybrid teaching events and presentations
Virtual and hybrid live concerts and other events
Virtual and hybrid meetings with many participants
How can virtual and hybrid events with video support be made user-friendly?
How can larger groups participate (500 and more)?
Examples of possible application environments:
Town hall meetings for large companies with employees‘ participation
Cultural events with audience engagement
Live concerts with fan engagement
Membership meetings
Panel discussions with audience engagement
Training and seminars
Gamification of live events

Possible projects

Berlin Biennale – events for contemporary arts
Interactive live concerts (in collaboration with event producers)
Collaboration with industrie partners worldwide
Possibility to apply creativity, ideas and projects

Software Developer (Javascript / Node.JS) for design and development of applications, tools, API, frontend and backend

You will be working with web-based video tools. We want to use the WebRTC based open source system Jitsi, which we already use as a basis for our new product nanoMeet. Other tools will also be investigated and used for development if necessary. The goal is the integration into interactive video applications, whereby the connection to our own nanoStream Cloud is obvious.

You will also investigate other tools to support virtual and hybrid meetings, such as work.adventure, in addition to video support.

We work in an international team speaking multiple languages (currently German and English). Our main office is in Berlin, Germany. Remote work, part time, contract work is possible.


Test, development and maintenance of key system features and new innovations
Work on HTML5 video streaming in the browser
Work with meeting applications like Zoom and Jitsi
Work with other team members to investigate design approaches, prototype new technology and evaluate technical feasibility
Work in an Agile environment to deliver high quality software with short iterations

2+ years of experience (education, self-study or work).
Writing HTML, JS and CSS cross-browser compatible code
JavaScript (Vanilla and Node.js), incl. debugging
REST API Design and Implementation
Agile workflows, git, ticket based team work, instant messaging
Interest in working with interactive video-based communication software
Additional Skills

Good English, German is a plus, but not required
Agile, iterative development approach: Interest to work with an international team and customers within short release cycles
What We Offer

Flexibility: Flexible hours, work from home and/or in our modern office located in Berlin-Tegel
Responsibility: Agile processes, dynamic projects with challenges that provide space for creativity and demand ownership
Opportunity: Employees have the chance to be part of a growing industry, new technology trends and make a significant difference with their contributions
Insight: Flexible and transparent structure that provides insights regarding live video, product/services end-to-end, from the camera to the viewer, internally or regarding user interface
Stability: Our technology is innovative yet established and based on longtime expertise. We are a profitable and reliable company.
Perks & benefits: Free choice of the brands and technical equipment – you let us know what you can work best with. Plus: social events, superb coffee, water, refreshments and fruits.
Technology: unique developments based on cloud and video APIs, backend and frontends, based on several tech stacks, like Javascript, React, NodeJS, REST APIs, Video Encoding, Communication, Streaming and Playback components, cross-platform HTML5 applications, WebRTC, Websockets, HLS, H264, data metrics and analytics, and more

Who We Are

We’re not sitting around wondering what the product is and burning other people’s money while expecting everyone to work ridiculous hours for little reward. We’re profitable, organized, and, with nanoStream Cloud, we are already providing a unique solution that delivers huge value to our partners and customers.

We support diversity, equality and inclusion and encourage everyone who is qualified to apply.

Are you up for a challenge?

If you are excellent at what you do and genuinely aim to apply your skills to solve challenges and innovate together with a great team, we would love to hear from you! Take the next step, try out our live streaming platform ( here and feel free to share your findings at

Please submit your application via email to including a cover letter, resume and references, salary expectations and earliest starting date.

We look forward to hearing from you!